Let’s face it, everyone needs insurance, be it car insurance, content or building home insurance, travel insurance and so many more. With the variety of insurance available, there is an insurance career for everyone too.

Technology is playing a pivotal role with how the insurance profession evolves; for example, the impact on cyber, artificial intelligence and automation of claims processing and payments. Celebrities insure their ‘talent’ – for example, Taylor Swift has reportedly insured her legs for $40 million in case of injury that prevents her from working.

The insurance profession is an inclusive and diverse place welcoming anyone who has the aspiration to learn and develop their skills. Geography graduates can bring their skills to catastrophe modelling, law graduates can utilise their skills as an insurance lawyer or in the claims function when assessing high risk and non-typical claims. Engineering, sports sciences and the fine arts are more examples of where you can apply your learning to the varied roles in insurance.

Inclusion and Diversity

The Chartered Insurance Institute, the professional body for insurance has it’s first female CEO. There are several employee resource groups and cross organisational networks providing a platform to attract, retain and work together as role models or ally’s in each of our diverse communities. Insurance is embracing diversity and inclusion across the country.

LINK is the LGBT+ professional network that spans the insurance sector. If you would like to find out more, please visit www.lgbtinsurancenetwork.co.uk

iCAN brings together multicultural and international employee resource groups, D&I champions, and their allies across the insurance industry to increase employee engagement, address intersectionality, and influence positive change across the sector. If you would like to find out more, please visit www.i-can.me

GIN is the gender inclusion network that looks at ways to galvanise equality for all genders. If you would like to find out more, please visit www.genderinclusionnetwork.co.uk

Insurance families network looks at how we can support people at work with eldercare and parental responsibilities.

ACIN is the network which looks to boost black and ethnic representation in the insurance industry. It aims to make the insurance industry a more attractive destination for young professionals. If you would like to find out more, please visit www.theacin.co.uk

A varied, progressive career

It’s easy to think that your first job might shape the rest of your career. Many people in the insurance profession enjoy a portfolio career, even in one organisation. For example, you may join a graduate scheme in the claims function. This could take you in several directions – further in to claims; or loss adjusting; or compliance; or in to a linked field like underwriting; or in to project management; or marketing. The opportunities are many!

Careers in insurance can meet your wider expectations – so if you want to work in a Fortune 500 business, apply for the large companies like AXA, Allianz and Zurich. If you prefer to work in a small business, take a look at the thousands of local and regional brokers around the country.

Global opportunities

Do you yearn for a career that offers the opportunity for international travel? Many organisations have offices around the world and a desire to retain and develop staff. This could means liaising with teams around the world with skype and instant messaging or it could mean a travel to the international office.

The social value of insurance

There might be a perception that there is little or no social value to what insurance brings to our community and society. Insurance is about helping people and businesses mitigate against things going wrong and recover when things go wrong. Insurance is also an enabler. Without insurance, there would be no innovation. No insurance, no SpaceX. No insurance, no social media. No microinsurance, no way to grow a smallholding. The list really is endless. It feels good to be part of that profession.

Diverse and inclusive

There’s never been a better time to be part of this profession, which touches and affects all of the important global issues – political risk, climate change, cyber crime and ageing populations. So whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there is a role for you in this successful, global sector.

About the Author

  • Name: Ian Simons, Content and Capabilities Director, Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

Ian joined the CII in 2015 to lead its marketing function, and more recently evolved the remit to focus on market insight, learning content and future skills.

Ian originally qualified as an underwriter and progressed to work in a number of senior marketing roles at major insurers such as Zurich, RSA and QBE.

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