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  • Name: Matthew Overall
  • Job Title: Reinsurance Broker
  • Location: London
  • Areas of Specialism: Broking

Why did you decide to join Aon?

I wanted to pursue a career in insurance – Aon are the world’s biggest and best broker, also there are opportunities to develop your career and explore new areas within the company both in the UK and abroad. Aon’s Insurance Reinsurance & Risk Management graduate programme has given me the opportunity to pursue a career within broking which I felt was a good fit for my skills. I am a very social person and enjoy speaking to different people, the programme allows for a lot of face to face contact internally and externally from the very early days of your career.

What have you learned in your time at Aon?

Opportunities are there if you are prepared to work for them.

What has been your personal highlight?

Being given the responsibility to handle my own accounts in a short space of time, and being heavily involved in placing these risks.

What does a typical day look like for you?

During a busy renewal period, it will involve receiving programme information from our regional offices (Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney etc.) analysing the portfolios performance and understanding the risk, then marketing the risks to reinsurers to quote. This will involve visiting reinsurers at Lloyd’s of London or in offices and looking to place these risks once quoted. There is also a social element which can involve client networking and entertaining.

What have you enjoyed most about your development programme?

The opportunity to be part of a large graduate intake who work across all parts of Aon. It helps you better understand what each of the different business units do and provides a large group of peers

Where do you see your career progressing?

Due to the global nature of the business it would be great to have the opportunity to travel, something that Aon actively encourage. Also continuing my CII studies which Aon has been fully supporting through the graduate programme and beyond, as although these are not compulsory it shows a commitment to the industry.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying?

Consider the different career paths available within Aon and other organisations and think how your skills/personality would suit the different roles available.

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