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Don’t relax rules on City after Brexit, Mark Carney warns

Bank of England governor predicts huge growth for the UK financial sector in the next 25 years, but warns that regulations must not be watered down post-Brexit.

RBS makes first-half profit as recovery gathers pace

Royal Bank of Scotland beat first-half profit forecasts. Is recovery for the firm finally on its way?

West’s company, Very Good Touring, is suing the insurer for $10m (£7.6m) over cancelled tour.

HSBC: the world’s regional bank?

The Banker’s Editor, Brian Caplen, takes a look at the fortunes and future of HSBC.

The making of a game changer

The Actuary’s Richard Purcell talks to the new president of the IFoA, Marjorie Ngwenya, about her vision for the future of the actuarial profession.

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