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With the latest graduate recruitment cycle still in the early stages, we thought it appropriate to get students acquainted with some of the fundamentals of technology career planning.

Below, the latest editions of our patent attorney skills and routes into IT articles will get students thinking about whether either profession is for them, while the ever-popular list of the top 10 application questions will help them navigate the next stage of the recruitment process.

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Skills needed to become a patent attorney

Education is paramount in the patent profession, but soft skills are becoming increasingly scrutinised in the application process. The skills outlined in this new article aren’t the usual suspects of ‘communication’, ‘team-working’, and the like.

Can your students and graduates maintain steady, concentrated thought? Do they have the ability to to take criticism well? These attributes of the ideal patent attorney reveal a great deal about life in the profession.



Top 10 application questions

Understanding what is meant by the most common questions, and more importantly, how to answer them.


SignpostRoutes into the IT profession

Compare the entry points for non-IT graduates and the ‘hard’ IT roles for more advanced computer technicians.



Technology news roundup

‘Superfast patent’ plans dropped

Patents-within-90-days service dropped amid concerns over practicality…

Google patents ‘pay-per-gaze’ technology

Technology that detects when a person looks at an advert, and interprets their emotional response…

UK needs 750,000 IT professionals by 2017

A fifth of jobs needed to support economic growth will be IT-related…


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