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The technology industry thrives on connectivity, and connecting with the right students and graduates is crucial to its success.

As you can see from the news stories we’ve selected below, the technology industry is at once highly touted by the brightest graduates, and yet still needs more of them. Students should be aware of how sought after they really are.

Inside Careers often functions as a channel through which different stakeholders within the careers spectrum are brought together. Below, student questions will be met with employer answers in our Q&A session with J A Kemp. Students might connect with the stories of recent graduates through our profile search portal. In our new LinkedIn group, we offer another avenue for students to meet careers professionals, and share advice on the subject of patent attorney careers.

In keeping with this spirit, we encourage you to pass along any of this to those who may find it useful through our newsletter webpage.

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Employer Q&A

This week, we’re stepping aside to let Patent and Trademark Attorney firm J A Kemp play careers advisers. These sessions provide a direct channel for students interested in becoming patent attorneys to have their questions answered. Questions must be submitted by Sunday 10 March. Those who might be interested include Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Biosciences, or Patent/Law students.


Latest News:
Keeping you up to date with the latest industry and recruitment news articles in the Graduate, Technology, Engineering & Patent sectors.

Technology sector winning war for talent:
Technology sector increasingly attractive to top graduates…

Government investing heavily in cyber-crime fighters:
Could take ‘up to 20 years’ to address skills gap between cyber criminals and cyber security professionals…

Google countersues BT over patent trolling:
IT giant retaliate over ‘meritless patent claims’…


Profile Search:

Our new profile search function has been designed to help students decide what career to pursue, based on the aspirations and educational backgrounds they share with others. Within our extensive database of employee profiles, students can filter their search by university, degree subject, profession of interest, and/or employer. It gives them an idea of the versatility of their degree subject, laying out several real-life career paths to consider.

LinkedIn Group for Patent Attorney Careers: 

We have just launched a new LinkedIn Group to provide an additional platform for us to engage with others on the subject of patent careers. Unlike our group for careers staff, this new forum intends to integrate careers professionals and students. Bringing the two bodies together in this way will encourage students to interact with careers staff, promoting the accessibility of careers centres as much as the patent profession.

Sign up here to get involved.

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