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With the academic year coming to an end, this month’s newsletter looks to the future.

Technology has always been the profession of the future – and now we have an article about the future of the profession! Our correspondent at The Chartered Institute for IT has outlined the key trends that are likely to affect those about to begin their careers in IT.

In the news roundup below, you’ll similarly find discussion of future cityscapes, a competition for the next generation of IT professionals and a fascinating, innovative approach to HR in the technology industry.

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The future of IT


Did you know that 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years alone? Rapid advancements in technology requires professionals to be clued up on where the industry is headed.

We discuss the three growth areas that the next wave of IT workers need to know about:

BigData_globe2 CyberSecurity_closedlock CloudComputing_upload

               BIG DATA                                CYBER SECURITY                  CLOUD COMPUTING


Technology news roundup


BT and Intel to collaborate on future cities research

Firms responding to inefficiency of London’s utilities, where both power and water distribution lose up to 50% from generation to point of use…

UK MA students to secure the web

Competition across 15 UK universities looks to master’s students to improve online security…

Software firm recruiting thousands of autistic workers

Company has had prior success employing autistic people to boost productivity…

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