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May was a month of good tidings for graduates and moral victories for students. As we reported, the proportion of graduate jobs within the UK is at a record high (and increasing), while the ongoing campaign against unpaid internships struck a blow for exploited students everywhere.

With graduate prospects on the upswing, then, your students should make sure they’re aware of the various opportunities open to them. A good place to start would be our recently revamped ‘What can I do with my degree?’ article, which you can read about below.

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What can I do with my degree?

A great many things, as it turns out.

Drawing statistics from the 2012 Destinations of Leavers from Higher Learning (DLHE) survey, we’ve compiled a list of the common subject-to-career transitions.

Some of your more assured students may already know what they want to do after university, but it’s always useful to know what one could do.


NEW consultancy profiles

At Inside Careers, we’re big proponents of graduate profiles. What better way to learn about the next step in your career than by reading a first-hand account of someone who was in your position a year ago?

Aspiring consultants can gain insight into the profession by reading these pieces by Cassie Lester, Associate at FTI Consulting, and Sasha Roupell, Business Analyst at Redshift Strategy.


Tax: Don’t write it off

Three reasons why students should consider a career in tax:

  • Most degree disciplines are accepted by recruiters
  • It’s a secure profession, with a stable career path
  • It’s well paid – graduate trainees can earn up to £32,000
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