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With IT job growth hitting record highs this year, we’ve been exploring the technology opportunities in finance. Our new article discusses the wide-ranging responsibilities of the IT professional in financial services, from solving little glitches to building super computers.

Elsewhere, we’ve published new pieces to help prospective actuaries get their foot in the door with employers, and to help others decide if consultancy is the career for them.

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IT opportunities in finance

In an industry where a nanosecond’s difference in response time represents a huge competitive advantage, it’s unsurprising that investment banks are increasing there spend on technological facilities – and the people who run them.

For example, Deutsche Bank’s Group Technology & Operations division makes up 25% of all employment at the bank. A similar percentage can be found across most of the leading investment banks.

Our new article outlines two in-demand career paths for IT professionals in finance – the ‘project manager’ and the ‘technical guru’…



How to write an actuarial CV CV tips

Everyone surely knows to tailor their CV for each new role and employer, but there are broader guidelines for how a CV should be written to suit a particular profession.

Among other things, aspiring actuaries can learn what skills are most prized by employers, and how to bring up the relevant modules they’ve completed.


Consultancy profiles Whiteboard

We have two new management consultancy profiles, each outlining a different path into the profession.

Track Alexandra’s journey from a Maths and IT degree to a role with business and IT strategists Hitachi Consulting, or read about Laura’s less obvious route from English Lit to advising public sector firms for Capita.

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