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Technology patents reach record high | Are unpaid internships legal? | Patent Employer HGF answer students questions 

I hope all is well! We’ve been busy recapping the results of last month’s newly published recruitment surveys including AGR and High Fliers. Please also take a look at the findings of our very own user survey.

At this time of year, students should start thinking about securing some work experience or an internship before the revision rush begins. We’ve published a wealth of advice on the subject, including a new article that lets students know what rights they have as an intern.

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Employer Q&A
We’re happy to have hosted another successful Employer Q&A with Patent Employer HGF. They answered a wide range of students queries, providing insight into the structure of their graduate scheme, the future growth of intellectual property law, and the value of PhDs in the industry.

Check back to our Employer Q&As in the coming weeks, as we’re currently scheduling a session with top Patent and Trademark Attorney firm J A Kemp.


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Technology patents reach record high
According to legal information provider Sweet and Maxwell, last year 14,205 patent applications for computer-related products and technologies were filed..

Figures show significant rise in engineering apprenticeships
According to new figures, apprenticeship starts in engineering and advanced manufacturing in England have increased by more than 85% since 2010..

Graduates fare better after placements
The survey examined the difficulties of securing jobs in the IT sector..


Student Volunteering Week

Next week it is Student Volunteering week, so please do check out our articles on volunteering:

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