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The highlight from this month in technology careers information is a new article on roles within the videogame industry. It’s written by David Crookes, whose credits include The Independent and a variety of gaming magazines.

We’ve also published profiles of graduates working for the NHS and Mott MacDonald. The authors aren’t much older than your student bodies, making their accounts of starting out on graduate programmes both comforting and relatable.

The new editions of our printed guides will be with you next month, but in the meantime, you can share the articles featured in this email with your students by visiting our newsletter webpage.

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Games development

Artists and designers. Composers and sound techs. Producers and publishers. Job roles within the games industry are seemingly drawn from all corners of the arts world.

Our new article provides an overview of the various roles within the UK’s £1 billion gaming industry, where careers operate at the intersection of programming, aesthetics and project management.

Maths, physics and computer science degrees are favoured by recruiters, but a passion for gaming trumps all.


Technology profiles

New graduate profiles have come in from top employers in IT and engineering. These profiles are great for giving young prospects insight into graduate careers, but they can also be translated into practical application advice.

For example, Mott MacDonald’s Ben Harland emphasises the team spirit that carries engineering projects to fruition. The next generation of engineers can expect to enjoy the camaraderie he describes, then, but ‘teamwork’ should also become heavily figured in their job applications.

Our profile search is just as valuable a career planning resource as our publications.

Oliver Bailey
Informatics Management Trainee, NHS

Ben Harland
Tunnel Engineer, Mott MacDonald

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