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Assessment Centre Tips and Trips | UK Needs 50% More STEM Graduates | Employer Q&A with J A Kemp 

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While the demand for skilled IT professionals seems like an ever-present issue, a recent announcement by a UK thinktank took us by surprise, widening the skills deficit bracket to include all STEM graduates. The UK reportedly needs to boost its output of science, technology, engineering and maths graduates by nearly 50% to satisfy market demand. Qualified engineers will be the most sought after over the next few years, but the news provides assurance to a wide variety of graduates looking to walk out of university and into a job.

Guiding graduates during that transition is where Inside Careers comes in. Below, our Employer Q&A aims to steer aspiring Patent Attorneys along the right path, while a new guest article will help graduates get over the hurdle of assessment centres.

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Employer Q&A

Since our last correspondence, Patent and Trademark Attorney firm J A Kemp have answered a host of questions concerning the routes into the patent profession. Among the subjects discussed were the value of conversion courses and work experience, and the opportunities of career maneuverability with a very specialised degree.

Repeatedly emphasised is the prizing of academic excellence by recruiters, but an outstanding academic record alone will not secure graduates a job in the industry. Take a look at the other answers given by J A Kemp to see what else your students can do to get ahead.


10 assessment centre behaviours that you must avoid

Michael Heath, author of 40 Interview Icebergs and How to Sail Around Them, has written a new article for us to help navigate graduates around the pitfalls within assessment centres.

With assessment centres becoming increasingly popular with recruiters, candidates would do well to learn these top tips.

Read the whole article to set your students on the right course.


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