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Even with the news that employment is on the upswing in the consultancy and financial sectors, graduates should focus on finding the role that fits them best.Employers are increasingly using measures to scrutinize just that. In-tray exercises and personality tests are designed to assess the competency and suitability of their candidates. We’ve just published a pair of articles that tell students all they need to know.

A recent survey from the Education and Employers Taskforce found that the career expectations of today’s youth ‘have nothing in common’ with the future demands of the labour market. We’re doing our bit to remedy that, starting with a bit of accountancy careers clarity.

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Personality Tests: Top Tips

Personality testing provides valuable insight into candidates’ workplace preferences, behaviour and level of competence, helping organisations make objective selection/development decisions.

Although there are no right or wrong answers, there are good and bad results. Read our top tips to ensure your students get the most out of their personality questionnaires.

In-Tray Exercises

In-tray exercises are work simulation assessments, requiring a candidate to assume the role of an employee at a fictitious organisation. Candidates will be presented with a workplace scenario, which is usually a return from a holiday or break, requiring the candidate to catch up on work which has built up.

Read our advice article to learn more. Students can download a sample exercise to practice with.


Career Options in Accountancy

There is a variety of different sectors and employers that recruit into the accountancy profession. We’ve broken them down to help graduates decide what suits their personality and career aspirations best.

Public practice accounting
What is public practice? What career opportunities does it offer?

Accountancy in finance and industry
How can you pursue a career as an accountant in industry and commerce? What are the benefits?

Public sector accounting
How do you get into public sector accounting, and how does it differ from public practice?

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