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Happy National Careers Week! In keeping with the NCW’s aim of educating students about the variety of career paths open to them, the theme running through this month’s bulletin is career clarity.

We’re constantly expanding our content in all areas of finance, with an eye to anchoring the diversity of opportunity that can often overwhelm students. In our recent consultancy Q&A session , PwC discussed the different routes into the profession for undergrads and postgrads, the crossover between PwC’s Financial Advisory and Consulting interests, and the factors that set PwC apart from their competitors.

Below, you’ll find similar articles that seek to define differences and help students choose the right path within accountancy, tax, and banking and investments.


Accountancy training

We’ve expanded our information on the training options for would-be chartered accountants. As alternatives to the popular ACA qualification, graduates might be considering studying for ACCA, CIMA or CIPFA accreditations. In interviews for accountancy positions, it’s not uncommon for candidates to be quizzed about why they would like to train for the particular qualification offered by the recruiter. Our comprehensive articles on the different accountancy bodies and qualifications can help students to not only know what their own training course will involve, but to demonstrate how it differs from the alternatives.

Profile search

This new feature makes it easy to search through the hundreds of profiles on our site to find the ones most relevant to your own aspirations or background. You can choose to filter your search by university, degree subject, professional industry or employer.

Get inspired by what others have done after studying the same degree or going to the same university. A Business Studies student at The University of Liverpool, for example, might find assurance and inspiration in the profile of Victoria Yung, Operations Analyst at Rathbone Investment Management, whilst history students might be interested to see profiles of history graduates working in everything from banking to the public sector.

Two of our most recent tax profiles currently hold positions at Ernst & Young, recently named the top accountancy Superbrand.

Banking roles

A career in banking and investments encompasses a wide variety of roles. Do you know your risk managers from your actuaries? Can you tell a fund manager and an investment analyst apart?

We’ve just published new articles deciphering the differences, so you don’t have to.

More than most careers, banking involves a great deal of inter-departmental cooperation. Even if a student has already got a position pegged for theirself, they would still do well to learn about the different roles of their future colleagues.

Actuaries LinkedIn

We have set up a new LinkedIn group specifically for the actuarial profession. It aims to give students and careers staff a more streamlined connection to the industry, with regular updates on key news items, work opportunities and advice.

Alternatively, you stay in touch via the more general Inside Careers group for careers staff.

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