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Trying to secure your next finance job? The entire job-seeking industry is a highly competitive place, even more so in the finance sector. Things get even more difficult when you take into account that recruiters make a decision based on your CV in just six seconds.

With competition so fierce within this sector, you’ve got to show the recruiter that you’re the right person for the job. Here are some of the best tips for writing an eye-catching finance CV.

Formatting Your Application

Before you even start writing your CV, you want to make sure that the recruiter has the best experience reading it. During the study, it was found that centralising your CV means the recruiter will spend more time on your CV than if it’s aligned to the left, as you can see from this image.

The number of financial service jobs in London grew by 17% in March last year and a 13% year-on-year increase. This meant that there were 8,145 new openings. So standing out from the crowd of applicants has never been more important.

Highlight Some Key Skills

Any application for a finance role needs some key skills, some of which will be noted in the job description. Here are some skills that are essential for any finance role:

  • Accounting skills: You won’t need to be an expert accountant, but you’ll need to show that you have the applicable maths skills, as well as an understanding of the regulations involved.
  • Analytical thought: You need to be able to look at a situation critically and create solutions based on your observations. Someone who can stay cool in a crisis will do well.
  • Technological expertise: Finance jobs increasingly require you to know how to use specific tech. Being an expert isn’t essential, but mentioning the systems you used during work experience or an internship will help you stand out.

Keeping Things Simple

Stick to professional methods of CV writing which include using clear and easy to read fonts, basic colour schemes and proper formatting mentioned above. You want the recruiter to see how you’ve progressed through your career so far, not how you can use the different fonts in Microsoft Word.

Keeping Your CV Short

Financial recruiters are receiving more CVs than most so that six seconds is even more crucial. Be sure to keep your CV on a single page. Alternatively, try to stick to around 700 words maximum. This ensures your CV is easily digested by the recruiter and they won’t be put off if they have dozens of applications to read.

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

There are several common mistakes that could cost you interview and recruiters will dismiss your application for someone who has taken the time to avoid them. There’s a tonne of writing guides for avoiding these mistakes and you can find out how to write the perfect finance CV here.

Some of the most common mistakes on a finance CV include missing contact details, not splitting your sections up with sub-headings, not dating internships or work experience and grammar mistakes so ensure that you don’t fall victim to these obvious slip ups.

Add Some Personality to Your CV

Remember that a recruiter is also looking for someone to fit into their finance company culture that will get on with the nature of the business in a professional manner and is a good mutual fit for the company.

“Accurate writing alone doesn’t make people warm to you, or be persuaded by you, or interested in you.” Neil Taylor, a language expert at The Writer, told Monster.

Look into what the finance company you’re applying for is like before you do this. Many finance companies tend to have a more conservative company culture, so bear this in mind when writing your CV or application. You will also be able to find information on the company culture based on the tone of voice in the job description as well as the company website.

Don’t Risk Sending a Poor Application

Writing a CV about yourself isn’t the easiest of tasks. If you’re applying for a job opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on then start preparing in advance so you can take plenty of time on your application. For more writing tips, you can read our essential guide to CV’s.


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