With recent reports that the UK must boost its output of science, technology, engineering and maths graduates by 50% to satisfy market demand, holding a degree in any of these disciplines will put you on the fast track to employment.

A large proportion of science and engineering graduates will go on to use their research and development skills in a professional capacity. Knowledge and understanding of highly technical information is a prerequisite for a career as a patent attorney, while the pragmatism and ability to develop complex models for testing purposes would suit a career as a problem-solving management consultant. The high level of numeracy attained by STEM graduates also translates well into careers in finance.

Some career areas to consider outside of those directly related to your specific science or engineering discipline:

  • Actuaries
  • Armed forces
  • Banking and investments
  • Energy and utilities
  • Intelligence services
  • International development
  • Management consultancy
  • Patent attorneys
  • Pharmaceutical, medical or technology sales
  • Research and development
  • Transport and logistics.

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