• Name: Emmanuel Fabin
  • Job Title: Insurance Manager
  • Location: London
  • University: De Montfort
  • Degree: Accounting
  • Areas of Specialism: Underwriting

As the TSB Insurance Manager, Emmanuel is responsible for running the corporate insurance function. He came to this role after extensive experience in the industry with companies such as Allianz and Lloyd's of London.

After graduating from university and taking 18 months to work and travel I successfully applied to join the Allianz Cornhill (as it was then) graduate programme. I spent 5 years at Allianz training to become an underwriter and working in the regional office in Woking and in London.

I then moved into an “in house” insurance manager role with LBG (then Lloyds TSB) where I initially assisted the 2 Senior Managers within the team in managing the Bank’s insurances. I was promoted to the role of Senior Manager and was responsible for managing a specific line of insurance cover (Financial Lines).

My current role is that of TSB Insurance Manager where I am responsible for running the corporate insurance function for TSB (managing all its insurance lines).

Working in the insurance industry

Insurance is dynamic and diverse and rewarding both financially and in terms of career development.

My reason for choosing this as my career is that it is a profession where you are constantly challenged. You can experience working in the insurance market or working “in industry” from financial institutions to travel to energy companies. The majority of FTSE 100 – 250 firms will have an in house insurance team.  When you think about the types of companies you could work for and the locations you could work in it really does show the diversity and dynamism of this career.

There is also the flexibility of career change. I started my career working for an insurer, now I am working in industry but I could in future go back into the insurance market (broker or insurer) or continue in industry (financial or non financial).

Lastly, there are opportunities for career development.  If you wish to remain in industry and/or focus on a technical career you can, if you would like to have a broader less technical more relationship management focused career…you can and if you want to progress to a consultancy based role there are opportunities too.

The insurance industry is also looking for young talent to replace the current population of senior insurance professionals. This means that graduates coming into the industry have the opportunity to become the senior managers and head of functions of the future.

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