QBE to use ‘robots’ to complete tasks & more…Keep up with what has been happening this week in our latest insurance news round-up…

Brit announces partnership with the African Caribbean Insurance Network to improve diversity

To improve ethnic representation in the London insurance market; Brit Insurance has partnered up with the African Caribbean Insurance Network (ACIN). ACIN was formed in 2018 to increase Black and minority representation in the insurance industry and to make the sector more attractive for young professionals from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.

QBE to use ‘robots’ to complete tasks

Insurer, QBE has reported that they plan to have 45 ‘robots’ across their European division by the end of the year; which will help complete double the number of tasks compared to the same time in 2019.

Insurance industry may not be able to protect against cyber attacks

CyberCube conducted a range of interviews where senior insurance professionals have said that the dependence on online technology across the world has grown to the point that it might surpass the insurance industry’s ability to fully protect against cyber attacks.

Specialist insurance brokers all join under unified brand name

PIB Insurance Brokers announced a rebrand of their business in June; which has now been complete as it brings 11 specialist brokers under one name, PIB Insurance Brokers. Companies that are now trading under that name include BKG West, Cobra Insurance, Lorica & more…

QBE to use ‘robots’ to complete tasks & more...

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