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Insurance industry could be first to tackle economic response in future outbreaks

Speaking at the International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)insurance Pools Livestream 2020, Marsh’s chief executive and president John Q Doyle  has said that to help manage future pandemics insurers and brokers should work together backed by the government to write specific pandemic insurance policies and to contribute risk knowledge and infrastructure.

Aviva to commit £10 billion investment in the UK

Aviva’s global asset management arm has set a target of investing £10 billion in real estate projects and infrastructure in the UK over the next three years; in order to ‘help the economy and communities bounce back’, said the group’s chief executive, Amanda Blanc.

Insurer explains why car thefts have surged by 265% in London over last four years

As car thefts continue to increase across the UK over the last four years, London has seen the highest rise by 265%. LV= General Insurance explains that this could be linked to new keyless car technology; allowing thieves to use different methods to access a vehicle.

FTSE 100 rises slightly during Brexit uncertainty and new lockdowns

London’s FTSE 100 gains were capped due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit and new lockdowns all over the country to contain the resurgence of Covid-19 cases. It has climbed 1% with stocks in energy, home-building, and travel & leisure leading the rise.

Banks plan to increase cost of credit card borrowing

In the runup to Christmas, UK banks are planning to increase the cost of credit card interest rates; which may affect the poorest households as unemployment rises after the furlough scheme has ended.

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