Zurich gender pay gap improved from 2018 & more…Keep up with what’s been happening this week in our latest insurance news round-up…

Insurance companies to not pay dividend payments

Some insurance companies such as Aviva, RSA, Direct Lind and Hiscox have changed their plans to pay dividends to shareholders during the coronavirus pandemic.

Zurich gender pay gap improved from 2018

Insurer, Zurich has published its UK gender pay gap figures for 2019 which shows an overall 2% increased improvement in their mean and median gender pay gap figures compared to 2018.

AXA UK announces community partnership

AXA have announced that they will donate £1 million to Business in the Community, to help the National Business Response Network which was recently formed to help community groups, local authorities, charities and businesses get in contact with companies that can offer support during the coronavirus crisis.

Businesses may lose insurance cover during coronavirus lockdown

Many businesses have been warned that they may lose their insurance during the pandemic lockdown if they don’t take certain measures as some insurance policies don’t offer full cover if a building has been unoccupied for 30 days.

Driving to make non-essential journeys could void insurance cover

Nick Freeman aka Mr Loophole, leading motoring lawyer, has warned that people who are driving to make non-essential journeys during the coronavirus lockdown could be voiding their insurance cover.

Aon finalises domicile transfer of parent firm

Aon, one of the world’s largest brokerage will complete the move of jurisdiction of incorporation for its parent firm to Ireland after starting plans for the move due to Brexit.

Insurtech UK asks the government for start-up support

Insurtech body, Insurtech UK, has called on the government to provide relief measures for start-ups due to the coronavirus pandemic in an open letter to the Chancellor.

Zurich gender pay gap improved from 2018 & more...

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