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Philip Hammond hands Bank of England new powers

The Bank of England will be allowed to provide more than £500bn in lending to the economy without seeking the Treasury’s permission as Britain prepares for Brexit.

Tens of millions of insurance and pension contracts at risk post-Brexit

According to a new report from TheCityUK, 36 million insurance policy holders and £26trillion in outstanding undeclared derivatives are at risk if the EU and UK do not come to an agreement on cross-border contracts.

Airbus says no-deal Brexit would force it to reconsider UK presence

The company have issued its strongest warning yet, saying that a withdrawal without a deal on future trade would force it to reconsider its long-term position in the UK.

Greece hails ‘historic’ debt relief deal

The debt relief deal gives Athens more time to repay £85bn worth of loans and extends the grace period during which Greece will pay little or no interest.

Criteria for being promoted to top finance jobs ‘favour men over women’

Women wait twice as long as men for a promotion to senior finance jobs because male patterns of work are often favoured over women’s.

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