As Article 50 is finally triggered, we look at the impact on banking and the financial services industries. Plus more business and finance news! 

UK banks asked to draw up plans to show they are prepared for Brexit

Bank of England demands detailed plans from UK financial institutions on how they will deal with Britain’s exit from the EU.

How hard is a hard Brexit?

Menzies’ Robert Facer looks at what Brexit means for trade agreements and explores whether businesses are truly ready for what lies ahead.

In the week that Lloyd’s of London announce plans to set up a new Brussels office, The Guardian’s Nils Pratley remains positive about the City’s prospects.

Bradford & Bingley mortgage sale raises £11.8bn 

Buy-to-let mortgages sold to Prudential and Blackstone in one of the largest asset sales by a European government.

Mobile banking is saving us ‘billions’ in charges

Fintech start-ups claim new ways of managing our money could be saving us up to £7bn a year.

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