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What’s involved?

IT roles are crucial in the insurance industry. Insurance companies are among the UK’s largest IT employers, developing innovative e-commerce solutions and implementing custom relationship management services.

Roles within IT in the insurance industry can include:

  • Applications developer/programmer
  • Network engineer
  • Software engineer
  • System designer/developer
  • Systems and business analysts
  • Web designer.

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Depending on the area you work in, the skills needed for succeeding in IT can be quite varied. For more technical roles, specialist skills and training (for example in a programming language) are needed as well as good analytical skills, problem solving skills and attention to detail.

However, there are many IT project management roles where having strong organisational and communication skills and the ability to work to strict deadlines are as important as computer literacy.

Routes into

It isn’t necessary to have a degree in IT or computing to work in IT. While some companies require an IT background, many consider business-minded candidates with good soft skills as just as valuable – although of course computer literacy and an interest in technology are still critical for IT roles.

Graduate Training Schemes are an entrance point, but it is also possible to join an insurance organisation and transfer departments. Professional qualifications can help candidates without an IT background.

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