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Admiral expects car accidents abroad to increase

Data from Insurer, Admiral, shows that car accidents are more likely to occur in August; compared to any other month in the year. Head of Claims at Admiral, said “As travel restrictions continue to ease, we expect to see a rise in the number of people deciding to drive to Europe in the coming weeks instead of flying this year… we received almost 3,000 claims for accidents abroad in 2018 and 2019, and 39% of these accidents happened in France.”

Lloyd’s of London will offer insurance to cover Covid-19 vaccine

The insurance market, Lloyd’s of London, is planning to start offering insurance coverage for the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines to help with transporting the vaccines safely to low-income countries.

Beazley plans to shrink physical presence at Lloyd’s

Insurer, Beazley’s chief executive has said that the firm plans to reduce its physical presence at the insurance market due to the success of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. They plan to deal with simpler risks virtually to achieve this.

Emirates to offer free coverage to travelers during pandemic

Emirates airlines is offering insurance that will cover travelers if they get diagnosed with Covid-19 whilst or after travelling. The coverage will be provided to customers free of charge and is the first insurance of its kind to be offered by the airline.

RSA accused action group of the ‘clear misuse’ of the word ‘peril’ during FCA test case

During the fourth day of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Covid-19 business interruption test case. David Turner QC who is representing RSA accused the Hospitality Insurance Group Action of the misuse of the work peril int heir statements.

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