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WTO chief warns of worst crisis in global trade since 1947

The head of the World Trade Organisation has said global free trade is facing its “worst crisis” since 1947. This comes ahead of the G20 summit, where the escalating trade war between the US and China is high on the agenda.

Police spend second day searching Deutsche Bank headquarters

Police are spending their second day searching the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt over money laundering allegations linked to the Panama Papers.

Most UK businesses unprepared for no-deal Brexit, says Carney

The Bank of England governor has called for a transition period of 18-24 months to be agreed. This comes after analysis that the UK would be tipped into a recession worse than the 2008 financial crisis if it quit the EU without a deal.

Train ticket prices to rise by average of 3.1% in January

This unpleasant surprise comes after it was reported that fewer than half of passengers are satisfied with the value for money of train tickets and train punctuality slipped to a 12-year low.

FCA calls for Brexit implementation period

The Financial Conduct Authority has warned that a no-deal Brexit would create significant challenges and risks for the UK’s financial services sector.

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